Support our School by using School Angel


Dear Parent/Carer,

We are pleased to announce that The Park Community School has teamed up with a new charity called which will help our school to raise money.  Any funds raised through School Angel will be spent on projects in school that have been identified by our School Council.  Currently we are improving our outdoor seating areas, installing additional water fountains and investigating digital signage to improve student communication. 

School Angel works with many major shopping brands in the UK which have agreed to donate a portion of the profit they normally make on your shopping, if you use the School Angel website to visit their shop.  You are guaranteed to pay exactly the same price for whatever you buy, but our school will also receive a donation.

School Angel is really simple to use and we have our own charity page set up which you can visit by going to:   Alternatively, click on the ‘School Angel’ logo on our website homepage, this will take you directly to our School Angel page.  Once on this page, all you need to do is click on the logo for whatever shop you would like to visit.

School Angel does not need you to ever create an account or login, there are no passwords to remember and they will never trouble you with any junk mail. 

We are really excited that School Angel can help our Friends of Park Committee raise funds to support the work of Student Voice and School Council in buying various items that will make a significant difference to school life for our students.

So please remember to use the School Angel site every time you shop online and ask your friends and relatives to support us too!

Thank you, your co-operation is very much appreciated.

Mr G Roscoe