Year 10/11 Gifted & Talented Art Trip

On Saturday 21st March, 14 of our Gifted & Talented GCSE students attended a very insightful art workshop at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter on Saturday. We all travelled down to Exeter on the train with little appreciation for what was in store for us. An incredible experience lay ahead as we were introduced to a collection of artwork which brought together History, Medicine and Art.

The exhibition entitled The impact of the First World War on art and facial reconstructive surgery is an exploration of the influence on artists and surgeons of the facial injuries suffered during the First World War. The exhibition brings together collections of historical objects and artworks from the last hundred years.

Following a lecture by Sara Dudman (Arts Specialist) and a tour of the gallery –our students put themselves into the position of a war victims. They used micropore tape and bandages to distort their faces. Then working on easels produced charcoal drawings and collages based on their own interpretations of the art work.

A great day out and some great work to contribute to their coursework and exam preparation!!