We teach Science with an integrated approach in Years 7 to 9.   At the same time, we ensure that all students gain an understanding of the meaning of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and the Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Our science teachers’ specialist backgrounds cover all of the areas within science and we work closely as a team to share our strengths.  We make wide use of ICT to help develop students’ understanding of scientific ideas and to illustrate how Science is used in real life.

At Key Stage 3, students follow Schemes of Work developed nationally.  Emphasis is placed on practical work, research work and problem-solving.  Students are set by ability in Years 8 and 9.    

At Key Stage 4, most students will take a double award GCSE in Combined Science, whilst more able students may opt for separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. From 2016, (first exams 2018), all GCSEs are assessed solely by terminal examinations, (six for Combined Science and six longer papers for Separate Sciences).

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