Remote Learning

We are aware that over the coming months, there may be a need for individual students, classes, year groups or even the school going back to remote learning.  We would like to reassure you that we have plans in place to support any of these scenarios and we will be here to support you throughout.  We understand that this will be a challenging time for families and want to reassure you that the school will do everything it can to minimise the impact on your child’s learning. 

To ensure that students continue to be successful in their education, it is important that students carry on with as much work as possible during their time off-site.  Students should try their best to complete all set work and contact the school should they need any support.  Class teachers will be monitoring work to praise, reward and raise any concerns as appropriate.

If a year group or the whole school “closes”, we will continue to set lessons in-line with the normal school timetable.  Teachers will make sure work is set before the lesson; sometimes this will just be enough for one lesson or for a sequence of lessons.  The teachers will explain this in the instructions.

If teachers are providing work for individual COVID absences, teachers will begin setting work after the third day of absence; before this, your child should use complete their Knowledge Organiser homework and any other homework that is on Class Charts.  Within the first couple of days of the absence, our administration team will contact you to make sure you are all ok and to find out if you need any IT assistance.  Your child’s class teacher will email the relevant Google Classroom code so your child can access the work.  Once the school is setting work, Mrs Mitchell will contact you to make sure all is ok and offer any support with the work, if required. 

To support your child, please try to provide a quiet space for them to work; encourage them to tackle problems and read through tasks carefully before asking for help - more times than not, the information is there.  At the end of the day, ask them to talk you through their learning and show you what they have done; this is a great way to reinforce learning and a great way to get yourself involved.  You will also be able to see that they have completed the work to a suitable standard.

We are aware that not all families have access to broadband and devices suitable for home learning.  Please let us know and we will attempt to provide you with IT access or provide your child with an alternative. 

Google Classroom Instructions

The main platform that we will provide remote learning through is Google Classroom (as was the case in the first partial school closure).  All students are taught to use this platform in school so it will be familiar to all of them.  Please find a range of information below that will help to access and use Google Classroom.

Students will be expected to access their learning remotely through Google Classroom. In order for this to be successful, we have trained all students on how to use this facility.  Please see the attached guides should your child need a reminder.

Google Classroom Guidance

Teachers will endeavour to provide feedback via Google Classroom wherever possible.

Other systems (MyMaths, Kerboodle, Class Charts)

MyMaths  – used in and managed by the Maths department. Please contact your maths teacher to reset student passwords.
Kerboodle - used in subjects such as Science and PE. Please contact the relevant teacher to reset student passwords.
Accelerated Reader  – used in English and for literacy development through the library. Please email our Librarian, Mrs Veale ( to reset student passwords.
Class Charts – used particularly for student wellbeing during remote learning. Please contact

Forgotten Passwords for Google (email, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Docs etc.)

Should your child forget their password, these can be reset by emailing  Please include the student’s full name and year group and explain that they can’t access their Google Account.