John Sandwell

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Global Director of Product Management

When I left Park School I went to college to study ‘A’ Level maths and physics. After my first year I decided to leave and join the RAF as an Aircraft Electrical Mechanic. I served just under 3 years and realised I wanted more qualifications so I bought myself out of my 9 year contract and got an Engineering apprenticeship in Barnstaple.

I gained an ONC and HNC in mechanical Engineering at this company. I then moved onto AMP (now TE Connectivity) where I currently have worked for 22 years. I then studied further to gain an HND and then finally a degree through distance learning from Plymouth University.

My current Job Title is Global Director of Product Management and my Employer is TE Connectivity Ltd. TE employees 72,000 people and earns more than $12 billion dollars a year.

The Great Wall picture is from a work trip to China where I go regularly and lived for a 3 months assignment. I actually spend around 50% of my time travelling, visiting my staff in California, Shanghai and Czech Republic and also customers throughout the world.

When I was a student at Park I was in Drake house and now my children are Drakes as well. My favourite lesson was History with Mr Coates he was so inspirational and drove me to be confident in attitude and demeanour if you love your subject.

My motivation in life is “play to win”. What I mean is whatever you set your mind to, be the best you can be and always strive to better yourself as only you can do it.

The message I would give to reassure my 15 Year old self would be “Don’t panic as no-one knows where they will be in 20 years time but if you believe in yourself and put in 100% you will achieve what you want in life”.

At 19 in the RAF I realised that I was going nowhere and I had the courage to take a leap of faith and leave to pursue a future I knew I wanted. Now I am in the top 200 managers of a Fortune 500 company and travelling the world. So never stop believing in yourself!