Inspired by Local Author

As part of our winter programme of ‘Inspire to Aspire’ evenings, students, parents and friends of the school enjoyed a fascinating journey with local author and historian Berwick Coates, who took them through the trials and tribulations of his first novel being published.

He spoke of his love of writing over many years and how he has had several other books published before this first novel.  It follows over 500 rejections, when many others would have given up, but his determination led to a large publishing house accepting “The Last Conquest”.  His second book “The Last Viking” is due to be released in April 2014.

“This proved a fascinating and very enjoyable evening” explained Headteacher David Atton, “full of anecdote, humour and good advice to anyone who has ambitions as a writer”.

These evenings are aimed to encourage a love of learning and open eyes to new possibilities for our students.

Free tickets are available from the School office for the school’s next event on March 19th looking at “Careers in the 21st Century”.