Another Fantastic Intriguing Lecture!

Parents, children and staff alike were fully engaged in a wide variety of activities at the Park Community School's latest "Inspire to Aspire" lecture.

Led by Nick Welsh, Head of School of Architecture & Construction at Petroc, a team of lecturers led on a variety of skill-sets required within the building and engineering environment, including tower-building (Mr Cammack is still convinced his team's was the tallest, despite being 'pipped' by Mr Beasant's team by only 8cm!! - a re-match is being planned for the future!), the building and racing of cars, and the planning of the most ecologically and economically sound housing.

The opportunity to learn and work together in family and friends groupings was hugely enjoyed by those in attendance and all are looking forward to the next month's event with Simon Hall.

Free tickets are available from the school office for the next "Inspire to Aspire" evening with Simon Hall on 4th December 7-9pm.