Grease Gallery 1

With quiff hairstyles back in fashion, we all felt at home in Rydell High School in the Summer of 1958!  

The music begins when local boy Danny Zuko meets new girl Sandy Olsson.  Joined by the other principal characters, the dancers, the singers and the band, we are all in for a night of laughter, fun and enjoyment.  Taya Lambden as Sandy and Liam Hammett as Danny led a cast of real stars and talent who had all worked hard to produce something memorable and special.  The pace was swift and those well-known songs slotted in to tell the story of that school term long ago.

The Pink Ladies and the Burger Palace Boys represented teenage life throughout the ages as Miss Lynch insisted upon certain standards and Vince Fontaine paraded his local celebrity status!  And then there was that wonderful car!

The musicians were superb and created a world in which the songs everyone knew invoked energy, atmosphere, emotion and fun!

Sold out on all three nights, the audience loved it!

All of those rehearsals had created something that will live on with everyone involved.

The stage crew, the technicians, the front of house staff, the parents, the students, the teachers and their colleagues, everyone worked together and it was wonderful.  The feedback has been fantastic.   The standard achieved was very impressive,  a tribute to the directing and producing skills of Mrs Stevens, Mr Street and Mrs Robbins.

All we need to know now is….what will be next? 

As one of the main characters stated in the programme “It has so far been one of the most enjoyable things I have done in my life”.

Well done to all involved – you took me back to a time when I was much closer to your age and everyone wanted a quiff like Elvis!


David Atton