Frequently Asked Questions

You can speak to Amber Burton the SEN Strategic Officer, Tel: 01392 383000 or email

Visit the SEND Devon Country Council website for more information.

If you need to talk to your child's tutor, please ring the school office and ask for the tutor to ring you back.  Your call may not be returned until the next day, but if it is urgent, please ask to speak to the Head Of House.

Most school uniform is available at Daws in Cross Street and Govers in Joy Street.  The girls blouses and the boys ties are only available from the School Office.  These can be purchased by using Wisepay or from the School Office in term time and Inset days.

The best way is to use Wisepay and this is what we recommend.  If you are unable to use this internet system, payments can be made by cash or cheque to the school office.  Please put payments in an envelope, stating the student's name, tutor group and what the payment is for.

Please view the term dates on our website under the 'Events' menu.

If a child is late after registration has finished at 9.05am, they should go straight to class.  If they arrive after 9.30am they must sign-in at Pupil Reception in their House coloured book before going on to class.  They must also have a note in their Contact Book explaining the reason for being late.


If possible, please try to avoid making appointments for your child during school time.

If you have made an appointment during school time and you know in advance:

Write a note in their Contact Book for their Tutor to sign to give permission for your child to leave school.  The student is responsible for showing their class teacher what time they need to leave the lesson and for signing out at Pupil Reception so that we are aware they have left school.

When the student returns to school after the appointment, they must sign in at Pupil reception, so we are aware they have returned to school.


Parent/carers are responsible for informing the school office (Telephone 01271 373131) on each day of absence from school. When you call us we will ask for your child's Name, Tutor Group and reason for absence.

When they get back to school, they must have a note please in their Contact Book for their tutor explaining their absence.